how to get select in any interview.

Now-a-days many youngsters aspire to be a cabin crew/ flight attendant since its the most pleasurable job specially for the people who loves travelling and visiting new places this might be the dream  job for them. and the most reasonable reason is money! of course because 'its a highly paid job'. And not only these there are tons for reasons why someone would want to become a cabin crew and I am sure you do have your own reasons too.


1. Tell me something about yourself ? or introduce yourself ?  

This is the most frequently asked question in any interview most of the interview starts with this question so you must prepare for this very important question. All you need to do is include these following points in your answer and give a best answer to leave a good impression on your interviewer. 

  1. Greet your interviewers properly with good morning/ hello. 
  2. Thank them for giving you an opportunity to introduce your self.
  3. Name
  4. Age
  5. Qualification
  6. Hobbies
  7. Tell if you have done any special activity and won any trophy/ certificate(to show that you were good in curriculum activities too)
  8. Previous job experience(if you have any)
  9. Tell them why are you here today
  10.  Request them to  consider you for this job

example answer:- Good morning. firstly thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself in front of you. I am (__your name__).[tip:- Do not make a mistake by saying 'myself' it leaves very bad impression ] I am (_your age_) years old.As far as my education concern I have completed my BBA  from pune university in 2018. My hobbies are singing, dancing, cooking, writing and I like anchoring too(__tell about your hobbies do not copy these exact hobbies__). In my academic year I have participated in many competitions like singing and dancing and i have won many trophies for that and i have done anchoring of annual function for two years.I haven't done any job before so I'm not the experienced but still I have enthusiasm and will to do this job so here  I am looking for an opportunity to work in  your company so its my kindly request to you please consider me for this job. ( if you think this answer is quite long then you can cut few points from this)

2.Why do you want to become cabin crew?

They might ask you for your purpose of becoming a cabin crew so make sure that you give a reasonable reason you can't just say only because i like it or because i want  to earn  more money your answer should be decent and suitable.

example answer:-  1. well I could say its my childhood dream to become a cabin crew since i was in 4th grade I realized i like being with new people and meeting new people and its a job that will give a chance to meet and interact with new people everyday. So if i'll go for any other field then it will be like doing your job without any will and if you select me today and i finally become a cabin crew then every single day of my life will be so exciting i'll get a chance to visit new place and working with new people and I'll do my job so willingly.
2. whenever I thought about selecting a carrier for me I'd always thought I  want to do a job related to hospitality and customer service and also I love travelling and interacting with new people that's the
reason why i aspire to become a cabin crew. ( you can select any answer you like or you make one for yourself by yourself and that will be best)

3.Why do you want to work for our company? or why did you chose our airline to work with?

 They might want to know what do you think of their company or airline so all you need to do is to show them you are already very impressed by their company.

example answer:- well before coming coming here I searched for many airlines and scrutinized on how they work. and as much as I saw your company is best among all other companies and also some of my friends are already working with your company and told me this company's relation with their employees is best and they have suggested me to work in this company so I decided to work with company.

4. Tell us about your strengths ? 

Many people gives answer of this question out of track. Think if your interviewer is asking you this question then definitely he is looking for something which will help his employees to upgrade their work performances  so if you are going for a cabin crew interview and you are saying' I am good at singing' will it make any sense instead you can just tell about the things which they can use in growing their company's better work performance.

example answer:- 1.Well according to me my biggest strength is being punctual since childhood I have always been so punctual in any work I do and I guess that might help me in my job because I guess cabin crew's first requirement is to be punctual.

2. I think I have good communication skills and also I have good command over three language ( Hindi, Marathi, English) and I guess my good communicating skills can help me dealing with my passengers in the future when I'll start working as cabin crew.

3. 'patience' or 'not getting angry easily' is also very useful quality in being cabin crew

5.Tell us about your weaknesses?

Do not make a mistake here by saying that you don't have any weakness as a human being everyone have weaknesses so you can't just ignore the question by saying that you don't have any weakness accept it and tell them about your weakness but then tell them that you are trying so hard to overcome that weakness.
example answer:- Yes I have few weaknesses and one of them is being short tempered. There are times when it gets hard for me to tolerate few weird fellows and I burst out in anger but then I am currently working to overcome my this weakness and now I have noticed that I have gained some patience to understand others problem and even when I get angry I choose to remain silent instead of saying any unnecessary things.

6. what is your salary expectation?

Now this is a kind of tricky question here if you say the amount or ask for more than what they are offering then they will just think you are a money minded person and if you don't say any amount then they will think you don't value yourself/ your time to say a fix amount for your the question is what to say in this kind of situation??? don't worry we have a solution for that too.

example answer:- before coming here I have already inquired  for what salary package you are offering for this job and I am okay with that.
(__but what to do if you aren't okay with what they are offering ('..') again no worry you can just polity tell them about it but with a reason__)
I am already aware of what salary package you are offering but according to me I good experience  of working in this field so as a experienced one I fell that I deserve some one and also you will see my work whenever  I'll start working here and that worth some more.

now lets see some more questions......

7. what inspired you to become a cabin crew?

Here I 'll tell you about my inspiration but you better not copy it tell them about real inspiration of your life.
example answer:- My biggest inspiration is my mother and in becoming cabin crew too my mother is the one who inspired me the most I have been seeing her taking care of of all with all her heart and she loves what she does since childhood and just like that I also love taking care of people and help others in doing their work and I guess job of a cabin crew is all about hospitality and which I  have in me and my mother always helped me in that.

8. why are you quitting your previous job?

This question is for experienced person if you are a fresher then ignore this question. If you are already working for a company but due to some reasons you want to quit your job then you can't criticize your previous company in front of your interviewers this will make them judge you that you are not satisfied with you job and if you can criticize your previous company then you can criticize them too after joining so be careful when you answer this question.

example answer:-  Well the reason behind I want to quit this job is not that the isn't good or colleagues aren't well but as compare to my previous company your company is much more popular and repudiated and I'll get many chances to grow as a person so just for the sake of being best from better I am quitting that job and willing to work in your company.

9.what is the most memorable moment of your life?

Here you can just tell them about any which is the most memorable according to you.

10.what do you prefer working in group or working alone?

Here your interviewers are trying to find out what kind of relation you'll have with your colleagues if you are good with dealing with then obviously you'll prefer to work in team.

example answer:- Well I'll prefer to work in groups 'unity is strength' and I personally believe in that because when you work in groups you get to know about many other ways of and doing exact same work and your work also gets easier.


 If you want to know more about interview preparation make sure you leave a comment down here in comment section and let me know your queries and I will be grateful to answer all of them.  


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